We always joke about it. “I hope I don’t fall”. Catching feelings. It feels inevitable to some, impossible for others. So when we put these two things together, we’re left confused, sad, hurt and don’t know where we stand.

We have too many options. Though it may never feel like it, many people know that there are hundreds of other potential people out there and that’s why we hope we don’t fall in the first place. What if we end up falling for the wrong person? What if I’m in far too deep and they float at the shallow surface?


From a very young age, I had to grow up pretty fast. My parents divorced when I was six and my older brothers wanted to distract themselves from any potential hurt that was caused from this separation. Living with a single mother and having brothers who were constantly playing sports, I was left to fend for myself. To teach myself how to become my own person and not rely on anyone for anything. Because when you lean on someone else, they’re bound to leave you eventually, right?

This led me to becoming a very independent person.

Even in my relationships…


Please stop putting yourself through this constant pain of hope and hatred in thinking that he’s actually putting you first. He’s not.

The only reason why you may seem like the first is because you’re putting yourself in his view. But not in the way you should. You’ve become a convenient option. When he wants you, he’ll reach out. Because he knows you’ll always be there. Sitting right there, ready to pick up your phone and answer his calls.

But he’s so great, right? When you’re together it seems that you two could be a great couple, take on the…


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